IOV is a subdivision of networking applications in the automobile field, mobile Internet, networking is the only way which must be passed to the development of business and the depth of the essence, is the future development of information and communication, environmental protection, energy saving, safety and other fusion technology.


  IOV is a dynamic mobile communication system which realizes the communication between vehicles and the public network, such as vehicles and vehicles, vehicles and roads, vehicles and people, vehicles and sensor devices. It can realize the information sharing by cars and trucks, cars and people, vehicles and road connectivity, collection vehicles, roads and environment information, processing, computing, sharing and security and acquisition of multi-source information network platform in the dissemination of information, guidance and effective supervision of the vehicle according to the different functional requirements well, provide professional multimedia and mobile Internet application services.

  From the network point of view, IOV system is a "end pipe cloud" three layer system.

  The first layer (end system): end system is the intelligent sensor intelligent vehicle, responsible for information collection and access to the vehicle driving state, perception and environment; it is the car of communication, communication, communication workshop car network ubiquitous communication terminal; at the same time, or let the car with IOV addressing and trusted network identification ability of equipment.

  The second layer (system): cars and trucks, cars and roads (V2V) (V2R), and the car network (V2I), cars and people (V2H) such as interoperability, vehicle self communication and roaming between networks and heterogeneous networks, real-time protection, service network and pan in the function and performance, and it is a combination of public and private networks.

  The third layer (cloud system): Car networking is a vehicle information platform of Cloud Architecture, it includes the ITS ecological chain, logistics, passenger and cargo, dangerous special vehicles, auto repair, car rental, business vehicle management, vehicle manufacturers, 4S shop, vehicle, insurance, emergency rescue, mobile Internet etc. that is the multi-source information fusion, therefore need virtualization, security authentication, real-time interaction, mass storage, cloud computing capabilities, the application system is focusing on the vehicle data gathering, computing, scheduling, monitoring, management and application of the complex system.

  It is worth noting that the current GPS+GPRS is not the true sense of the car networking, not the Internet of things, just a combination of technology, most of the current domestic ITS test and IOV concepts are achieved based on this technology.